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It’s been almost 6 months since our wedding (time flies!), and I’m finally getting around to ordering some prints of our wedding photos.  I know I could just order them from costco or wal-greens or something like that, but since these photos are so special to me I wanted to give them some special attention.  I looked around online to see where professional photographers usually got their prints, but most of those places required a professional license and several other hurdles in order to place an order.  In the course of my search, I saw that several photographers recommended Adoramapix.  Adorama is a huge retailer of photo and video equipment and turns out they also do printing.  So I gave it a try and I LOVE the results.  I just got some test prints back in both matte and lustre finishes and the lustre is just gorgeous!  The lustre print is $0.19 for a 4×6, which is a couple of cents more than places like shutterfly, but I think the quality is definitely worth it.  You can’t tell in my picture below but there’s a almost sparkling quality to the photos.  I liked the matte as well, which I think is better for larger prints, especially ones that would go on a wall, but the colors just pop so much more for the lustre finish.  I also purchased a photo book from Adoramapix so I’ll be writing about what I thought of that soon!

lustre finish


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