Jilin, China

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I’ve had these photos up on my flickr account for a few days now, but haven’t had the chance to actually write it up on the blog.  I want to show everyone how beautiful the city of my birth is.  It is buffeted to the north by a series of mountains, and through the middle runs a beautiful river.  I grew up playing in the mountain and along the riverfront.  Over the years, the city has spruced up both.  Now there is a wonderful square in front of the mountain where people can exercise, fly kites, dance, and enjoy the outdoors.  The city has also installed sidewalks along the riverfront as well as places to exercise.  Everytime I go back, I see more high rises and unlike Irvine, these buildings are inspired by architecture around the world.  There are buildings that look distinctly european as well as ones that are more middle eastern.  I wish I had taken more photos just along the streets.

JiLin, ChinaLoved seeing those fall colors.  That’s something I miss living in Irvine.JiLin, China JiLin, ChinaWhen I was born, everyone lived in one or two level buildings with no central heat and limited running water.  When I was almost 1 year old, we moved to an 8 story building with central heating and running water and no elevator.  Imagine walking up 8 flights of stairs every day.  That was similar to the shorter buildings you see in the photo below.  Now, developers are building high rises more than 20 stories tall (with elevators).  These are what you see behind the old buildings.  The pace of development in 20 years have been incredible.JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, China JiLin, ChinaJiLin, China JiLin, China


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