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It’s friday night and I don’t want to cook so it’s time to find somewhere to eat.  With the gazillion options around orange county, nothing coming to mind was sounding good.  Then I remembered that a few new places had opened up recently at The Camp in Costa Mesa.  It’s an odd little shopping center with a few interesting restaurants, the most famous is probably Old Vine Cafe.  When I saw the description for Valhalla Table, I knew that this was a place we had to try.  Sausages made in-house with organic meat?  draft beers from local microbrews?  Yeah, Drew didn’t take any convincing.  vahalla tableThe decor is pretty minimalist chic with some odd elements thrown in.  It’s not big so once more people find out about the place, it’ll probably be harder to find a table.  The service wasn’t great since I think the server was very new, but hopefully that will improve.vahalla table vahalla tableFor the food, the sausages were yummy!  It’s $6 for regular sausage sandwich with one topping such as sauerkraut or carmelized onions.  They have some pretty interesting options.  We tried the chicken, lamb, bison, and duck sausages.  They were all good, although I liked the bison one the most.  We also tried the chili and fries, both good, though not super remarkable.vahalla tableThe beer selection was not long, but had some good options.  They have more bottles than drafts.  When I saw churros on the menu, I had to try it.  It was so good!  It’s hard to mess up deep fried dough, but these had just the right amount of cinnamon sugar and the inside was super soft and moist.  In the end the meal for the 2 of us came out to about $35 with dinner, drinks and dessert so pretty reasonable.  All in all, Valhalla table is definitely a winner and we’ll be back soon!vahalla table


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