an afternoon at the camp in costa mesa

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I’ve lived in orange county for more than 3 years, but only recently did I begin to really explore the area.  One of the places I’ve come to really enjoy is The Camp in Costa Mesa.  I first saw this place a couple of years ago when I was looking for a bike and found a bike shop here, but I didn’t really bother to look around.  Later, I found out about Old Vine Cafe, which I still haven’t had dinner at but did enjoy brunch there once.  Now, there’s several restaurants include Valhalla Table and a new Italian place called Ecco I want to try.  Milk + Honey is one of my new favorite places, the lavender tea latte is delicious and the setting is just so cute!  the camp @ costa mesathe camp @ costa mesa the camp @ costa mesa the camp @ costa mesa the camp @ costa mesa the camp @ costa mesa the camp @ costa mesa the camp @ costa mesa

Note:  While I was walking around the camp, I was stopped by a lady from Greenpeace.  I have nothing against greenpeace, although I think some of their methods are over the top, but I dislike being pressured into signing up for something I’m not sure if I even support.  She kept trying to convince me to sign up and donate even after I said I was not interested and proceeded to try to guilt me into it by saying if I don’t act then many more whales will die today and how if I research about them online and end up donating online, then that money doesn’t get to go to the local offices.  

The thing is, I don’t donate to the salvation army people at the grocery stores, I don’t give any money to the guy outside trader joes raising money for the homeless, and I’m not going to give my information to some random woman working/volunteering for greenpeace.  It doesn’t mean I don’t support these groups or what they are advocating for, but I do my research and I will send my check the organizations that I think are doing some great work and deserves my support.  I don’t mind the people at the grocery stores because they don’t ever bother me.  At most it’s a “hi, have a good day”.  This lady from Greenpeace, however, seemed personally insulted when I declined to sign up and tried to make me feel guilty about the whales the Japanese are killing.  She should get some training on how not to turn off people who could possibly be supporters.


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