Portland Day 1

March 28, 2011 Comments Off on Portland Day 1

For our 1 year anniversary, Drew and I decided to go to Portland.  It might sounds weird to go to Portland in March (yes, it was cold and wet), but it’s just a short hop from the OC by plane, it’s not particularly expensive (good for a grad student budget), and it’s got good food, beer, and coffee (which is all we really need on vacation). So off we went!

We arrived on Wednesday at 2pm.  Took the max rail downtown (had the most helpful guy at the airport station telling us which tickets to buy and which station to get off at). We stayed at the Ace Hotel and I really must say, it was great! It’s got a great location, convenient to the rail car stops and bus stops, 1 block from Powell’s City of Books, and a pretty good restaurant. oh, and did I mention it is connected to a Stumptown Coffee? 
When we arrived, we were both starving from lack of lunch so we got some small bites at the happy hour at Clyde Common, the Ace restaurant. Then off we went to the arial tram. It’s not technically a tourist attraction, as it was built to take people to work, but nevertheless, it give you a great view of Portland, so we decided to go for a ride. After the tram, we took a couple of bus rides across the river for dinner at Bamboo Sushi. Drew and I were both looking forward to this place because it is one of only 2 sustainable sushi places we know of. All of their fish is sourced from sustainable fisheries and caught in environmentally friendly ways. They work with the Monterey Bay Aquarium in determining the sustainability of the fish. Drew and I both think it’s a wonderful cause to support and the food was delicious! 

Post dinner, as we wandered the neighborhood, we saw a brewpub so we stopped in for a drink. None of the beers were particularly memorable, but it was still nice to get out of the rain and try some new brews. As we headed for the bus stop, we saw Laurelhurst theater, which is kind of like the dollar theater here, except they also sell beer. We had enough beer for the night, but opted for a viewing of The Illusionist, which while odd, was a wonderful animated film. I definitely recommend it.

Our first day ended with dessert at Clyde Common, where we shared the crepes with cocoa panna cotta with brandied apricots and pistachio cream. yummy :) 

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*tiny aside about Jetblue, the airline we took to Portland. Drew love it. If you’re over 6 feet, take Jetblue if you can. Drew likes the extra leg room and I love the limitless snacks :p


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