Portland Day 2

March 30, 2011 Comments Off on Portland Day 2

Our 2nd day in Portland was our first full day so first thing we did was get breakfast. We went to a place called Tasty n Sons, and oh my goodness yes, it was tasty. We shared a chocolate potato doughnut and I can still remember the sugary crunchy outside and the melt-in-your-mouth inside. It was so delicious, I wish we ordered two. The restaurant has a definite north african influence, which Drew and I both enjoyed. I liked the spiciness of my chicken hash with harissa cream and Drew really liked his Shakshuka, which was a red pepper and tomato stew with baked eggs. 

Feeling satisfied, we walked to our next bus stop (along the way Drew got an espresso at Ristretto Roasters and I got a macaron at Pix Patisserie). We then headed toward Washington Park. We stopped at the Rose Garden, but sadly, there were no roses. I can see the potential though, with all those stumps June would be a great time to come back! We then made our way to the Japanese Garden and it was so beautiful! It’s very small, but immaculately maintained. Our last stop in Washington Park was Hoyt Arboretum. Although the weather was bad and my socks were getting wet, we couldn’t pass up the chance to take a hike among the giant sequoias and the redwoods. I love forests and it’s great to see these giant trees so close to a bustling city.

After a quick stop at the Ace to change and dry off, we headed for dinner at Tabla. Seriously, if you go to Portland, go to Tabla. The food was delicious! and at 3 courses for $24, the price can’t be beat. I think my favorite was the handmade pasta, but the sous vide egg with pork belly comes in at a close second.

For after dinner entertainment, we headed to Ground Kontrol. Drew was super excited about it. I think it’s pretty much a 20-30 year old guy’s dream. The first floor was mostly filled with classic arcade games, but the second floor was the best part. It was all pinball machines! I’ll admit, at first I didn’t understand why Drew was so excited. It’s just knocking a little ball around until it falls through the middle and you’ve lost 50 cents. But, as I played a few games, I came around. It’s fun when you figure out the tricks of a particular machine. My favorite was the Simpsons one. As we left, I realized that Drew just totally upped my nerd level. Still not sure how I feel about that. All in all though, a successful second day. Stay tuned for our last day in Portland…

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