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This was the start of a 2 week trip that took me across the country from Irvine to Seattle, to St. Louis, to Carbondale, to New York.  I had a fabulous time and it all started off perfectly in Seattle.
I had never been to Seattle before so when Chris and Emma invited us to their wedding there, it was the perfect opportunity to visit!  seattleMy flight arrived in the late afternoon but Drew wasn’t due to get there until late at night so I was on my own for dinner.  I decided on a place called Revel, which specialized in Korea fusion food.  I usually shy away from anything with the word fusion, but it had great reviews so I decided to give it a try.  It was amazing.  I loved the open kitchen and being able to sit at the counter, which was big enough to not feel cramped at all.  Since this was summer, they also had a grilling station outside and although I didn’t try any of the bbq dishes, they looked and smelled really good!  My favorite dish was the green bean salad.  It was so fresh!  I don’t even like snap peas but they were delicious!  I ate every bite and people who know me would be surprised since I rarely finish any of my food :p  I wish I had gotten another order of it to go.  If you go to seattle, be sure to check out Revel.seattleseattleseattleseattleThe next day, we had the morning free before getting ready for the wedding, so we checked out the famous Pike Place Market.  It was super crowded, and we were hungry so instead of check out the vendors, we made a beeline for Seatown.  It’s one of many Tom Douglas restaurants all over Seattle.  We tried raw oysters, which I had never had before because I always thought they would be slimy and gross.  But these were really good!  We also got breakfast sandwiches that were tasty as well. After breakfast, we wandered the market.  It’s a pretty neat place, with lots of different food vendors, but also flowers, and other knick nacks.  We walked by Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Piroshki Piroshki, and towards the end we got a hotdog from Japan Dog.  All in all, pretty fun place.   seattleseattleseattleseattleThe next day, we had the whole day to explore so in the morning we headed out to the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle where there is the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks.  At the locks, there is also a ladder to help salmon swim upstream.  I wish I had a picture of the ladder, but the water was so murky, it was hard to see anything.  Basically, the ladder is designed so that when the salmon makes it past one step of the ladder, the don’t go all the way back so it makes it easier for them to make it all the way into the harbor.  It was really neat to see and I think at the different time of year, you might be able to see more salmon than we did.  I did get pictures of one of the locks as it filled with boats. The gates at either end were then closed and it filled with water to the level inside the harbor.  The front gate was then opened and the boats let through.  It was a pretty cool process.
Next to the locks was the Carl S. English, Jr., Botanical Garden, which while we were there was having a flower show so we stopped by to check it out.seattle

Our next stop was Kerry Park.  If you visit Seattle, be sure to stop by here, it’s the most beautiful view of the city.

My last meal in Seattle was at Skillet Diner.  It started as a food truck, but now they have a permanent location.  The corned beef hash was delicious :)


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