Umami Burger – Costa Mesa

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve known about Umami Burger for a long time, but never made it to one of their many LA locations.  Now, they’ve finally opened up in OC.  It’s in the same spot Valhalla Table occupied and looks like they didn’t change the setup that much, which means it’s a pretty small space.  If you want to eat within an hour of arrival, I’d come before 6pm.  We ordered the umami burger, the port & stilton burger, the cheesy tots, and an ice cream sandwich.  The umami burger was definitely better than the port & stilton, though it was almost too sweet.  The cheesy tots were the best!  The ice cream sandwich was just so-so (cookie was way too hard, came right out of the freezer).  It’s expensive for just burgers, though comparable to The Counter.  If you have a hankering, it’s worth a try, otherwise I’d wait and let the crowd die down a bit.  In any case, Drew and I agreed, it’s good, but doesn’t hold a candle to Father’s Office.
Umami Burger - Costa Mesa
Umami Burger - Costa Mesa
Umami Burger - Costa Mesa


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