Provence Part 2 (better late than never)

October 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

This was meant to be posted right after the previous post, but I got distracted by something and then between the new job and moving, this just didn’t make it to the priority list.  But, I’m back and it’s actually kind of nice to look at these pictures again, since it’s gotten cold and wet now in London and these pictures remind me of what sun and warmth feels like.  Anyhow, after leaving the southern coast, Drew and I started our adventures in Luberon.  I think this was the day that Drew and I both looked forward to the most when we were planning this vacation. When I think of Provence, the towns of Gordes and Roussilon is what comes to mind. They’re ancient villages built right into the mountains. During August, they’re full of tourists, but that doesn’t take away from their beauty, you just have to drive in circles until you find a parking spot.

We went to Gordes first in the morning, on market day, where we got some bread and cheese for a picnic later as well as my favorite fruit in the world, white nectarines. I thought I could only get white nectarines so sweet in California, but I was wrong, they were just as good in France.  For this reason alone, I think as long as we’re in London, we’ll have to come to Provence in summertime just so I could get my hands on these. After the market, we walked around a bit, but the town really isn’t very big, so we decided to leave and head to the Village des Bories. It’s an ancient site where people who lived here thousands of years ago built these dwellings out of stone. It’s remarkbly well preserved so you can see where they kept animals and slept and kept their tools. We found it really interesting.

We decided to head to Bonnieux for our picnic as my guide book told me there was a place there with a great view. Well, it wasn’t really that amazing, but the town was still very pretty. I almost lost my hat when the wind blew it over the wall of the church and down a small valley, but in a moment of pure gallantry, Drew went down there and found it! It might have been the most romantic thing that’s ever happened in our relationship.

On our way to Rousillon, we stopped at Pont Julien, originally built by the Romans in 3 BC. It’s been rebuilt now a few times, I think, but kept the old style. It was very cute and if we had more time, I would have happily sunbathed next to it like some people were doing.  But we had more to see, so we headed off to Le Sentier des Ocres, the red cliffs that used to be mined for their colored sand. We arrived just as the sun was beginning to set, which was perfect, as the colors became more intense without the bright sunlight. Much of the town of Rousillon, right next to it is built with this stuff, giving it its distinctive reddish color. It’s beautiful, really just as the pictures in the travel books. That whole day, I think we just felt like we stepped out of the real world and went back in time. I don’t know who actually lives in these towns, as I imagine it’s must be quite expensive to keep a place there, but I certainly understand why people would want to quit everything and run a B&B here.

Provence Day 4
Provence Day 4
Provence Day 4
Provence Day 4


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