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I can’t believe we’ve almost been in London for a year. We’ve travelled a lot this past year and it’s about time I put some of that down. In February we went to Paris. I had been there when I was 16, as part of a summer learning programme associated with the University of Cambridge. I had spent a month in Cambridge, ostensibly learning neurobiology, but really mostly just goofing around with a couple dozen other 16 year olds without our parents around. Although I didn’t learn much biology, I think the trip made me a lot more confident and independent. I made new friends, in a foreign environment, and together, we ran around London and Paris on our own. I couldn’t wait to go back with Drew.

We only had Friday night to Sunday night, but managed to take in a lot of the sights and thankfully, the weather was very kind for end of February.  I think my favorite thing about this trip was going up the tower of Notre Dame. If you get the chance, don’t mind the queue, it can get long, but the view is fabulous (plus you get up close and personal with the gargoyles). We swung by the Sacre Coeur, saw Monet’s water lilies at the Musee de l’Orangerie, browsed some world famous sculptures at the Musee Rodin, and listened to jazz in a cave.

Food was, of course, amazing. We had savory crepes, nutella crepes, hot chocolate, rose croissants, apple tarts, great seafood, and the best polenta I ever had. I love this city, and I think of all the places we’ve been so far, this is one place we’re definitely coming back to :)
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